Tuesday, 6 November 2012

hi all

Allotment looking crap at the moment, i do seem to of lost a bit of interest. This may be due to being so knackered after work that I cant be arsed.
I have built a great new pond and that is settling in nice and will look great next year, or I hope so!!
Thought of the day' most of us think of lovely things we can do for the ones we love then get side tracked and dont do them, DO THEM !!!!!!!;'

Weathers turned

Well the weather has seriously turned for the colder I can barely feel my fingers and im sat in the office !
Just ordered all my seed for next year, im keeping it simple this time and only growing veg that we use alot of and not loads of different things.
Since there is only two of us in the house now I tend to find that I either give most of what I grow away or it goes rots away.
Played for the South Yorkshire County pool team on Sunday and I lost 3 won 1, nightmare, mind you I was playing with a new cue and I havent picked a cue up in 4 weeks due to holidays so what did I expect.
Team lost as well so overall rubbish !!!
A mate of mine is going to join me on the allotment, not sure if this is a good thing or not as it seems all he wants to grow is potatos but at least I will have somebody to help with the digging.

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

The growing season is well under way

Hello everybody hope your enjoying what summer we are having I personnelly think its quite a good one.
The veg are doing well and im getting great crops off my broccolli, peas, courgettes etc.
The flipping birds have eaten all my berries so have decided that over the winter I am going to build a fruit cage, it will have to be about 3m x 5m x 2m so should be fun.
Im also going to build a wildlife pond, not very big probably about 2m in diameter.
I intend to put photos on here showing stage by stage my progress and all the mistakes I make which will probably be alot.
Anyway must dash as ive got things to do .

Tuesday, 31 May 2011

parsnip competition

Well my mate who has challenged my to grow the longest parsnip is in for a suprise. He regularly checks to see how mine is doing in the piping outside but I think he has forgot about the ones in the polytunnel.
These are twice the size of his so im going to have to stop him from seeing them otherwise they may be assassinated!!!!! Oh the fun of it all, we like a little kids lol.

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Have I planted too early !!!!

Well ive got most of my crops out now including the frost sensitive ones.
Fingers crossed we wont see another frost this year, but sods law says we will.
Been picking loads of radishes over the last few weeks and really recommend the white ones shaped like carrots, the have a nice kick to them.
Ive also got lettuce, turnip and carrots ready for picking in the polytunnel, I think im the earliest on the allotment site to be reaping these rewards (head swelling)
Ive also decided to get rid of my grassed paths as I just dont have time to cut them, plus my stimmer has sprung a leak on the fuel pipe and I cant be arsed to fix it !
Ive planted loads of broccolli this year, I hope everybody likes it cos I think we will be having it every meal !!!!

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Easter Weekend

Well ive been working hard down at the plot this weekend.
Ive got my sweetcorn planted out along with spuds, peas,broccoli and french beans.
Just hope there isnt a late frost or I could loose it all like I did last year. I never learn, I was going to plant out later this year.
Ive got Friday and Monday off so I think I will get the rest of it all planted out then its done and there is only grass cutting and weeding to do.

Monday, 18 April 2011

A picture of my polytunnel, I would seriously recommend anyone getting one of these. They are very cheap compared to greenhouses and in a lot of ways better